itsachat crossword puzzle #1


Across 1. Where you can buy karma badges 3. What a new person is known as 6. You can play these on the site 7. You can meet these on the site 9. You can set your profile to this level 10. You can upload this to represent yourself 11. You can wear these if your feet are cold 14. A popular greenday song 15. You can collect bricks for this 16. By clicking a thumb you give the member these 19. If you dont like something you can ___it 21. This jumps and goes Ribbit 22. He tells jokes on itsachat 23. You have karma points, the more _____ you get Down 2. What you leave behind 4. If you are smart you use this 5. This member could have fear of local area networks 7. Your itsa friends can become your ____ 8. This member hopes to marry Kane Marcum 12. There is an ____where you can play games 13. Show someone how happy you are with this 16. When you see something you like you can ___ it 17. This is sly and sometimes red, lives in the forest 18. A camera takes these 20. You do this to get someones attention

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