Itsa intro to Profile Crossword


Across 1. click this button to adjust your profile accessibility 3. if you won 1st place in an arcade game, your ____ would appear in this case 5. your itsachat profile signature appears in the ____ section of your profile 9. to change your ____ click the change button under it 10. these are badges you can get with KP from the badge depot 12. you are allowed to vote for your friends profile once a ___ 13. these are badges itsa awards you for achieving certain site tasks 14. your itsachat details appear in the ____ section of your profile 17. you can see a list of your ____ friends on your main profile page 18. to write a blog you would click your ____ tab 19. The area where you can see who was at your profile is called My _____ Down 2. to see all your itsa pals you would click your ____ tab 4. to upload pictures you would click your _____ tab 5. your itsachat contact information appears in the ___ section of your profile 6. you need ____ to buy a badge at the badge depot 7. click this button to change your background pic and border colors 8. clicking the golden B opens the ____ 11. to leave messages, see badges bought for you, and get messages you could click your____ 15. click this button to see who you have blocked 16. your friends can vote you trusty, sexy, and ____

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