Building a granny striped afghan

I started this project well over a month ago and I try to add at least one row of stripes per day. It takes me an hour to stitch two rows and switch the color.  I thought I bought enough yarn to make the blanket into a double, but I've used up all my yarn now and its only a single with 76 rows of color (152 actual rows). I'm not sure if I should keep it like this or order another 19 skeins and double it up with another $80 worth of yarn. What do you think?

I've covered up with this lovely piece while watching tv on the couch and it is absolutely the warmest, softest, most colorful happy piece of crochet I have ever done. I love my blanket so much. Every single stitch is in a cluster of 3 (well except where the edges have the two cluster) and I even ripped out 4 rows one day (that's 4 hours of crochet work) because I had missed a stitch. I wanted my blanket to have Zero missing stitches and so far so good!

Here's a little picture overview of the building of the blanket (so far).

Here is the yarn, I tried to organize it into the way I wanted the colors lined up and it mostly came out this way

For me, the first row was the hardest row

Then it got easier

I used a 6 mm J hook

240 stitches across, 80 clusters of 3 per row

at 11 colors now

This Brava Worsted yarn from Knit picks unrolls so easily. Not one skein got tangled in this venture.

Starting the 37th row here. At this point I realized I probably wasn't going to be landing up with a queen sized afghan lol

That completed the first 38 rows and about two weeks of time.  Now I just needed to do that once again

I have the arrow pointing to where I had missed a stitch. Just my luck its at the end of over 400 stitches lol. So I pulled that row out and re-did it. It got me checking my stitches after each row to make sure of the count. It's a lot less painful to pull out one row, as opposed to pulling out 8!

at 52 rows

Yarn is gone and we're at 152 rows now. If my couch wasnt so fluffy on the back part it would probably cover it nicely. I still have some ends to weave in (totally going to try to weave those in while Im stitching like the crochet pros are always reminding me to do in the videos) but otherwise its pretty much finished.

Now to decide whether or not to enlarge it. I need someone to tell me.. Make it bigger! or someone to tell me.. Leave it like it is!!  Froggy is no help at all in this department *looks great hon, cover me up* Were his only comments :D

Thank for reading, I look forward to hearing what YOU would do with this now :)


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