Autumns Birthday Party - Oct 17, 2015

Here is a little picture blog of Autumns 1st birthday

The food

The balloons!

it was a balloon based under the sea theme party lol

There was seaweed lol (That is Autumns Aunt Hannah who created that decoration) WTG! Hannah!

The present table

(Pictured here well before all the presents were piled on!.. this is pre guest present table mode)

The party was held in Canada LOL

There were signs helping folks to get there (WTG Kathleen! You rock!!)

The cake!! and the adorable star fish and sea shell cookies seen on the side there :)

There was also a giant cake that said happy birthday autumn that was sliced up for everyone to eat and wouldnt you know it, i forgot to get a picture of that. Actually, I forgot to get a lot of pictures!  oopsies

The sea creatures were there (placed strategically around the hall) There were also 20 jelly fish available,, just not in these pictures LOL

Here is the Birthday Girl

It was a fantastic Party!!

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