A net and some little sea creatures to go on it

Faryn would like a fish net stuffed with balloons attached to the wall behind the birthday girls present table i think, or maybe it will be behind the food table! lol Nevertheless, I decided I would make the fish net. At first I was going to do it in rounds and make it sort of spider-webby. That didnt turn out so well, So I started again with the idea of making the net rectangular.

I used a 6.0 Hook, with a #4 worsted yarn (red heart comfort).

I did chains of 12 then a 3 chain loop x 15 across and then down to make the outer edge.  Then I made 15 220 chain strips (with the 3 chain loop at the 12 chain) and then another 15 220 chain strips with no loops. I attached the looped strips from the top to the bottom of the square edge.. and then wove the plain chains across through the loops (I hope this all makes sense lol) Anyways, no pattern involved here and it was much easier to make than the circled webbed version i was trying!

Here is the finished result. It will be stretchy enough to allow for a whole bunch of balloons stuffed behind it!

Here are the first two little sea creatures i made. I got the patterns free online after searching, free sea creature crochet patterns and just switched up the colors and probably didnt follow the pattern exactly, but close enough! so thank you pattern making ladies for supplying the start to these little sea creatures. I promise I wont try to sell them and not give you a cut of the profit! lol I promise that these are going to be used on this net as a decorative item for a birthday party and will not be sold to any corporation to be used in advertisements where you will not be accredited your just rewards!

This is an angel fish lol.  Its supposed to be striped all the way from head to fin but I didnt want to have to switch colors that many times (lol hate switching) and so I shortened that to 3 stripes.  Meet 3Striped Angel The Fish

This one is called Chubby the Fish

This pattern was INSANE to follow.  Totally new abbreviations and everything. I guess the lady is from England or some far away land where they speak a different crochet language lol. Anyways, I was up for a challenge and so i tried my best to follow this one. My chubby looks slightly different from the real Chubby but thats because I totally could not understand how to make the dorsel fin and the tail fin and so just winged those (they sorta look like they are supposed to I guess lol)

chubby from the front!

Here is chubby chilling with 3stripe

Presently I am working on Freddy the Fish.  I will add a pic to this blog when he's complete. :)

Here is Freddy the Fish. All Completed

Other side

HEre is Freddys Belly

and here is Freddys Face. He has two different color eyes like David Bowie

Welcome to the Net Family of Sea Creatures Freddy.  You certainly are a lot more colorful than the rest of the gang at this point! lol

Thanks for Reading!

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