Vampire Diaries Crossword Season 1


ACROSS 1. She is the guardian to the Gilberts 3. ___Lockwood Highschool jock and mayors son 5. Stefans ____lets him walk in the sunlight 7. The town where they live 12. Jeremys sister ___ Gilbert 13. She is Jeremys 100 plus year old vampire girlfriend 15. Vicki kills ___to complete her transformation to vamp 16. The Gilbert family ____ watch points to vamps 17. John Gilbert is a vampire ____ 19. Stefans vampire bestie 21. The day the dead rise is on ____Day 22. The town Sheriffs daughter ____Forbes 23. Annas mother ____ 24. Elena Gilberts brother ____ DOWN 2. ___Saltzman History Teacher 4. This series is based on the novels by this author 6. This herb is harmful to vampires 8. Stefan and Damons last name 9. Stefans brother 10. In this season Damon kills Bree Lexi Alarics wife and his uncle ____ 11. The Salvatore brothers are ____ 14. She is Jeremys less than one month old vampire girlfriend 18. She is a witch and Elenas bestie 20. Elenas birth mother

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