Two and a Half Men Crossword


ACROSS 1. charlie and alan's last name is ____ 4. waldens ex-wife who is now dating his best friend 6. which of the brothers is jakes father 9. alan has a job as ____ 11. jakes girlfriend/chemistry tutor 13. charlie and alans moms name is 14. alans first ex-wife and jakes moms name is 16. jake joined this at the end of season 9 18. alans second ex-wife is 19. charlies fiances best friend that he slept with 20. charlies ex-fiance who left him for a lawyer named brad DOWN 2. charlie had a one night stand with this neighbor/stalker 3. charlies housekeepers name is 5. charlie writes these for a living 6. walden is played by actor - first name 7. charlies character was killed by getting hit by a 8. waldens mom raised him with this animal as his brother 10. charlie lives in what california city 12. jakes best friend 15. judiths goofy second husband 17. charlies ex-fiance that was a ballet teacher

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