The First Wedding Crossword


ACROSS 1. He brings the shiny bands on a pillow 6. Marriage is an ____ 8. He puts the ____on her finger 9. The bride walks down the ____ 11. Everyone raises their glasses to ____ the couple 13. People like to ____ at the reception 14. You get ____ at a wedding 16. She brings the brides flowers down the aisle 20. The ____of the bride always cries 21. Usually the ____friend is the maid of honor 22. He is the second star of the show 23. Some people get a ____to marry them DOWN 2. She is the star of the show 3. Has Authority to marry you 4. Everyone wishes the bride and groom Good ____ 5. The Bride tosses her ____ 7. The Groom tosses her ____ 10. After one year its your first wedding ____ 12. Has Authority to marry you 15. This guy has authority to marry you 16. ___of the bride foots the bill 17. Pretty much anyone with a ____ to marry can marry you 18. Some people get ____ 19. The ____ is where you say your vows

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