Supernatural Season 7 Crossword


ACROSS 5. Book series about the Life of Sam and Dean 8. Bobbie possesses a ____ 10. ____the leviathan slows them down 13. ____in the three bloods of the fallen part two how to kill a leviathan 14. Leviathan can ____anyone 15. Second in command bad guy 18. Their weapon from Ruby kills demons 19. Bobbies spirit is attached to this DOWN 1. Dean and Cas find themselves in ____ 2. Cas finds himself with no ____ 3. ____detergent can burn the bad guys 4. The prophet is the only one who can ____the tablets 6. Kevin Tran is the ____ 7. They need the blood of the ____ 9. Fellow hunter ____Hawkins who slept with Sam Dean and Bobbie 10. He's now a ghost 11. This seasons bad guys 12. Dicks bargains to give Crowley full reign of ____ 16. Head bad guy 17. Cas commands Sam Dean and Bobbie to ____before him

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