Supernatural Season 5 Crossword


Across 3. They think ____knows where God is 5. Gabriel disguises himself as ____ 8. Deans girlfriend 11. War is beaten when they take his ____ 12. The antichrist is an 11 year old boy named ____ 14. Castiel takes the boys to the ____to stop Anna 16. Demon says Trevors innards taste like ____ 17. Sams college friend 18. He uses his own hound against another 19. Dean kills the Whore of Babylon by ____her Down 1. Lucifer kills all the demi Gods except for ____ 2. The warlock who gambles for life years 4. To trap Lucifer the brothers need the rings of the ____ 6. Hunter who lives in an asylum 7. Sam gets put in the ___to detox 9. She stars as herself in eps 5 10. Only Michaels sword can ____Lucifer 13. The Trickster is really the Archangel ____ 15. Dean throws his amulet in the ____

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