One Tree Hill Crossword Season 3


ACROSS 1. Peyton meets her ___mother 2. On Fantasy date night Peyton is matched with ___ 3. Brooke hosts a ___Boy Date draft 8. Lucas ___his basketball playing due to his heart condition 9. Jimmy takes some people at the school ___ 12. New Tree Hill High Cheerleader 13. Lucas and Peyton take a road ___ to look for Ellie 15. Haley throws a ___in Rachels face 16. Brooke throws a party to kick off the start of ___year 17. Dan and Karen both run for ___ 18. Jimmy shoots ___ DOWN 1. In eps. 4 Nathan dresses as ____ 3. Brooke reveals Rachel used to be ___ 4. Dan ___Keith 5. Everyone travels to ___for a cheerleading tournament 6. Brooke creates ___Over Bros fashion line 7. Lucas dresses as Jack ___for Halloween 10. In age Lucas is ___than Nathan 11. Rachel coins the phrase ___ when she catches Brooke in the bathroom 14. Peyton dates ___ from Fall Out Boy 16. In eps 13 there is a terrible ___

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