itsa Thanksgiving Crossword 2012


ACROSS 5. Watched on TV during Thanksgiving 6. Part of the meal its baked and good with butter 7. Part of the meal rhymes with tomatoes 8. Part of the meal its put inside the turkey 13. Part of the meal it goes gobble gobble when its alive 16. We like to give ____ on this holiday 18. The Pilgrims thanked the ____for letting them make a homestead 19. The sound from a turkey 21. This might be said around the table before the meal 22. This ____ has two different dates in Canada and the US DOWN 1. The insides of the turkey sometimes thrown in the stuffing 2. Thanksgiving is a ____ 3. When you dont want turkey you can eat ___ 4. Dont forget to eat your ____ 6. People guzzle ____while they watch football 7. The Indians welcomed the ____ 9. You invite your ____ to eat a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving 10. You might call this a family ____ 11. Or maybe you might call this a ____ 12. Part of the meal its orange and may be carved for fun 14. Part of the meal its red and comes in jellied form sometimes 15. Part of the meal its poured on the meat 17. Leftover turkey can be used to make ____ 20. The peaceful Indians were happy to share their ____

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