Itsa Halloween Crossword 2012


Across 2. What a moon might be on Halloween 4. What a ghost rattles 8. These are great to carve 9. What kids in costumes collect 12. What mean people slide into apples 16. Is often considered spooky 17. These hang upside down and live in caves 19. This is what your teeth will be if you eat to many candy 20. michael myers stars in these movies Down 1. A witch cooks with this 3. What a house might be on Halloween 5. It drinks blood 6. It spins webs to trap you in 7. Myer's first name 10. Trick or ? 11. It is made of bones 13. This monster eats brains 14. Is what a Ghost says 15. These creepy things squeak and bite 18. The top part of a skeleton

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