here's a couple of pics of the HOOK BOOK i'm making for you.......i would have already  been done with it if it weren't for the butterfly i'm making for the front of it.......OF COURSE i can't get both of the wings to be the same size......as of now the right wing is bigger.....but this is as close as i've gotten to the same size so far and i've remade this butterfly MANY MANY TIMES.....and then i'm gong to use the same colors in the butterfly to make a trim around the edges of the hook book and then put a button closure on it.....maybe i'll have it finished by christmas hehe......i'll have to add it to your treasure box when i finally get around to buying you a treasure box ......you're so much more thoughtful and sweet a friend than i am.....BUT I HEART YOU !!  i wanted to make this hook book for u to show u how happy i am that we are yarn-buddies......it's pretty cool sharing a hobby with somebody as creative and talented as you are so i can steal all your ideas and pretend i thought of them !!! LOL *super not kidding* hehe and also cuz it's just fun sharing things with u cuz you're just a super fun friend to have.....so glad we met all those years ago *rocks in rocker and thinks about the olden days of yore......hehe

there are only ten slots cuz i wanted to keep it smallish sized but u can fit more hooks in by sliding the smaller hooks through the stitches about half-way down the slot....actually i should have put a smaller hook in there to demonstrate..maybe i'll do that later.....although i'm sure u don't need a picture tutorial lol

if this butterfly gives me as much trouble when i try to block it and sew it to the front of the hook book as it has given me trying to get the wings to be the same size.........well......it might not end up being the one i use and i'll have to make a different more solid body style......*sigh....even the little swallow tail on the right is bigger GUHHHHHH...u see why i'm so effing slow that i can't have my own etsy shop :(( ......anyways i know you'll say u love it no matter how wonky or crooked it is cuz you're just sweet like that :)) HUGGZ AND HEARTS HAPPY B DAY BESTIE !!

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